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Johnny - I'll leave this thread alone to wallow in the depths of idiocy you advocate.

Your English and grammar still expose you as an illiterate fool while you try to argue that at me.

There is a space after a period at the end of a sentence. The same with commas. English has a capital "E" as it is a proper noun... we could go on through every paragraph but it's there for the world to see.

Perhaps I'm getting on in life, true. I've had many knock backs but offer no excuses. They were challenges to overcome and made me better as a person and pilot. Some see barriers, no matter natural, man made, no matter how high, illegitimate or unfair as a reason to work harder. Others see them as reasons to not try or complain.

I have my credentials and log books. I have them certified by several nation's Aviation Authorities. I and many of us do what you simply are inept, unqualified, immature and too lazy to ever be.

I don't dare challenge you on anything, like I don't challenge a mule to eat manure. It's degrading and void of any sense of accomplishment.

Many in the Indian Aviation community are well aware of who I am. Many I had the privilege to fly with were eager to listen, learn and take on board advice from another with experience: from one just as willing and eager to pass it on. I was tough, no denying it. The pilots evaluated, the travelling public and the profession deserve that respect. But fair and honest - a trait unwelcome at the DGCA let alone AI. Those who passed deserved to pass and likewise those who failed.

Your interview experience and airline career to date deems you as a failure.

Yet you can only offer excuses and blame to every one and every thing - never your own ineptitude.

You may not ever wish me at the controls of an aircraft, that's your call. Countless simulator proficiency checks, tens of thousands of hours experience, tertiary qualifications in aviation and all endorsed by said several nation's Aviation Regulatory Authorities deem me acceptable as a senior Examiner of Airmen. So forgive me if I don't take your illiterate ramblings as a "speaker maker" as anything but the eaten manure.

You say your father and grandfather were well respected in their aviation career. I'm sure they were and have no reason to doubt you. By all accounts it would've been an honour to share a cockpit with such men. I also have every reason to believe however that they may see you however as a shameful failure.
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