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And i ain't even 20 year old
Still can't see the failure of my interpretation of your words. I will plead guilty to a failure to comprehend your incessant pathetic grammar, spelling and punctuation which may have attributed to the misunderstanding. In aviation we have standard RT. Potentially another reason you're unable to get a job if this is your comprehension and literary level that would be discovered with minimal testing.

If I am wrong in assuming you are 19 years of age then I apologize for insulting mature 19 year olds.
You can't intrepret and understand simple english , what a shame a person claiming to be FAA/DGCA 777 examiner can't understand english words.I pity you for ignorance and incompetent attitude.
Your last resort to validate your points is pointing others towards literacy of english grammar.
I would repeat myself again " You can't understand & Interpret English ".
Can you correctly understand cockpit display ?

Yes, most of us have hobbies. I am yet to see but a single person successful at anything allow a hobby to interfere with their professional ambition or integrity. (Most pilots will list aviation as their hobby. They/we love it. We live for it. So much so that we try to leave the profession in a better place than when we joined. Quite often that means speaking out against insults to the profession like you and others.)
You have none what so ever.
Only thing that qualifies as hobby to you is posting BS on others and thinking how knowledgeable you are regarding all things in life.You are just an old timer who have grown so frustrated of having boring life that each and every words of your represents depressed & ignorant mind of yours.

Don't even attempt to lecture me on ICAO standards and rules. What I find necessary and is a part of my job is to be well versed in ICAO Docs such as 4444, 8168, 9613, 9905, 9976, and so on.... not to mention PANS OPS 1, 2, 3 & 4, while you of course prefer to make speakers as your aviation preparation & study. My knowledge of them is the precise reason why you and so many like you can only aspire to bring Indian aviation lower should some corrupt and incompetent fool ever offer you a job in an airline let alone a KingAir.
You don't know a pint of REGULATION's.Dont even think of starting on this with me.....accept it you are very weak in debating but very good BS'ing skills.

I aspire how not to be like you be it in professional life or private life.Being like you would be torture to my soul in first place.
I can never aspire about how knowledgeable you think you are who can't even understand simple english sentence's.

EVERYONE on this forum who has a job in a commercial airline, who have experience in Indian Aviation as well as other countries of the world say the same on this thread. But as BigD and others infer, you and our ilk are nothing but ignorant, immature brats unwilling due pathetic arrogance and sense of being owed a job as opposed to earning a job seek to blame every one and anything.
When views's of other people matches yours then its all good and sane for you but opposite of it, then they are merely passerby's with illogical thinking.
TheBigD understood my post and he interpreted it correctly what i meant but you on otherhand are hell bent to twist each words of others to whine about how others are wrong infront of you then say we are accusing you.
You are classified dumb other than being old idiot which is degrading to people with low IQ level.

It appears you've read my previous posts. No kid, I was far from burnt by Indian Aviation. I was so abhorrently disgusted at the putrid state of it and the fact that all too often people like you do get a job and risk the lives of hundreds of people. I walked away rather than be apart of it. I'd mention words like integrity and responsibilities of the profession but I'd hate to interrupt you from making another speaker.....
Whole country and its establishments can't be wrong when one person is critically ill from his thinking abilities.
Its disgusting that Indian DGCA made people like you examiner without even sending you first for full proper medical examination detailing.
Pilot with this attitude in air poses serious risk to his co-workers and flyers and with you onboard i would rather put you on jumpseat with hands tied down coz of a lunatic on board is never allowed.

(Besides, there's a few months of solid study for you to attempt from those ICAO Docs I mentioned. Sorry. I know, I know..... You shouldn't have to. It's the airlines' and government's responsibility and never yours).
Don't worry about my studies, i am far more capable and intellectual than you are now or were anytime in you sorry life of being arrogant old hog.
My qualifications as being pilot or engineer is way over than yours.Basically you are under qualified to lecture me as educationally or logically because of your low IQ level.

I see you as unfit ,arrogant ignorant old man who is on his final payday stage ranting at kids who are doing much better than him what he was doing at their age getting his ego busted after every post he posts on PPRuNe having no shame what so ever for getting flamed by me and others for posting craps.

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