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How much of this kid's CV is utter BS? So at you're not even 20 years of age yet, so of course you're 19 years old. Apart from the tertiary credentials you claim to have (ie must of started college/university at 14 years of age?) you've worked at Bristol as an intern?

At age 19 you were born in 1994. Say for argument's sake you turn 20 this year, so lets play your game and say you were born in 1993. In 2008 you tell us you took up a job in GA on a KingAir which makes you 15 years of age, at best.

Wow Johnny-Boy-Liar! Where oh where did you find the time to fly your B200 at age 15, study for your "B.Tech from DCE , MS in Aeronautics with all credits" and go to Bristol as an intern? Needless to say we can assume anything out of this kids mouth is just more BS.
My suspicion about you were indeed true.
You have serious reading skills problems.Interpreting simple english lines is beyond your scope and horizon no wonder why you were kicked out of AI before being humiliated by management and dec crew.
Every post of yours is filled with babbling donkey shit's.Every single word of your is BS to many of us...don't be fooled by your experience or age, you are classified idiot who can't even understand plain jane english lines.

Goes to show that the interviewers saw straight through you. A successful applicant would of said that he/she has done nothing but do whatever it took, wherever it took, demonstrated relentless study and preparation to better his/her chances at a successful career, and took up jobs that could steer him/her closer to that ambition..... but you "made speakers for fun"
Picking up lines out of context and then twisting it in your own is only way you can defend or debate.
Heard something called hobby ? Guess you are un imaginative in your life so you have no understanding of any hobby other having incompetent english reading skills.

(How did you find the time between your study, internship at Bristol, GA job, study for your interviews AND you managed to make speakers "for fun"? For the record I'll admit to name calling: YOU'RE AN IDIOT. Liar? I'll leave that to basic reasoning....!!! In the mean time, google "sciolists". Don't worry, Apache here believes every word you say and is your ally. The stupid leading the blind perhaps?
A person calling himself experienced enough who have tasted air of different continents and unable to decode " i ain't 20 year old " is totally incompetent person with IQ lower than people suffering from cerebral palsy.
You are making mockery out of yourself TOPTUP over here....gather your thoughts and think twice before even trying to post a single line.Accept it you are an incompetent person with serious interpersonal behaviour problems.
A person of your experience should have easily understood i am not an teenager nor an 20 something but the way TOPTUP reads or see's simple basic conversation is only known to him.
A person can't be Commercial Pilot till he is 18 years old...i bet you know regulations...but you forgot it so you don't know your regulations.LMAO

Capt.Apache is competent person fighting for his rightful place in his professional life and leading content life, views expressed by him are not entirely correct but he is defending them being honest and humble unlike you.

You are an old timer who got screwed by un deserving indian pilots from worst airliner in world ( AI )...Growup old hog, drinking too much is not wise and when its people like you with serious attitude & behaviour problems leads to burnt arse or broken ego.
As I said before, this is Darwinism at its finest.
Applies fully on you.I can smell burnt EGO....can you ?

TheBigD TopTup,
I think he may have meant his is much older than 20 but is willing to work for peanuts. That is what I got out of it although I may be wrong.
You are not wrong TheBigD , you interpreted my words correctly unlike TopTup who is suffering from degrading english skills.

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