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I think he may have meant his is much older than 20 but is willing to work for peanuts. That is what I got out of it although I may be wrong.

You (Top Tup) and some of the other posters all made great points. But you're just wasting your breath. You will be chided, accused of not being able to relate to how hard it was to get the first airline gig etc, etc, etc.

To the original poster that wants the government to do something. That is pretty funny. Do you know how many CPL holders there are in the busiest commercial and ga market in the world (USA) that do not have jobs. I'm betting to say that it is close to the numbers in India. It's for a multitude of reasons they were not able to get a job. So, India isn't the only country with a bunch of unemployed pilots. And finally, why is aviation so different? Why shouldn't the government help out Art History majors that have spent money on an expensive education but can only find jobs at a Walmart or a call center?

It is not a government issue, but it is a market issue driven by supply and demand. And why people in India undertake CPL training knowing what the dire straits of newly minted CPL's is, is beyond me.

Let's be honest, they are guilty of not doing any research; so really, don't blame the airlines, don't blame the schools, and don't blame the government. A quick internet search would have sufficed; but most think they know more than us, the guys that went through it. All we are saying is that it is a tough business, lots of sweat and tears will be shed, and even bigger sacrifices need to be made. So when you come back here and complain, about how you can't find a job with 250 hours (we know this), but you have to understand that your 250 hour CPL is really just a glorified PPL and if you want to make your resume stick out, you need more time. How you do that, you have to figure it out. We have all collectively given you advice, now it is up to you to figure out what to do. Good luck.

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