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I wouldn't say about other kids on this thread but would rather say about me on this aspect in the pretext of education.
I am B.Tech from DCE , MS in Aeronautics with all credits on my marks sheet.Worked as an intern in Bristol plant of EADS ( Airbus wing development center) for 6 months.
Jet in 2008 July to put be on 2 year wait.Took up a job in GA on B200 in 2008 late with company bonding me for 3 years which ruled me out for Jet's 2008
And i ain't even 20 year old
How much of this kid's CV is utter BS? So at you're not even 20 years of age yet, so of course you're 19 years old. Apart from the tertiary credentials you claim to have (ie must of started college/university at 14 years of age?) you've worked at Bristol as an intern?

At age 19 you were born in 1994. Say for argument's sake you turn 20 this year, so lets play your game and say you were born in 1993. In 2008 you tell us you took up a job in GA on a KingAir which makes you 15 years of age, at best.

Wow Johnny-Boy-Liar! Where oh where did you find the time to fly your B200 at age 15, study for your "B.Tech from DCE , MS in Aeronautics with all credits" and go to Bristol as an intern? Needless to say we can assume anything out of this kids mouth is just more BS.

failed in interview when asked " what you did when you were not flying " all i said started making speakers for fun.
Goes to show that the interviewers saw straight through you. A successful applicant would of said that he/she has done nothing but do whatever it took, wherever it took, demonstrated relentless study and preparation to better his/her chances at a successful career, and took up jobs that could steer him/her closer to that ambition..... but you "made speakers for fun".

(How did you find the time between your study, internship at Bristol, GA job, study for your interviews AND you managed to make speakers "for fun"? For the record I'll admit to name calling: YOU'RE AN IDIOT. Liar? I'll leave that to basic reasoning....!!! In the mean time, google "sciolists". Don't worry, Apache here believes every word you say and is your ally. The stupid leading the blind perhaps?

As said, you make your own luck. But you kids go on and make speakers for fun, or blame every one and every thing for your predicament.

As I said before, this is Darwinism at its finest.

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