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I love threads like these, because that gives me the opportunity to say, that everyone should just do like the danes,

STD ICAO - no exceptions, no excuses.

All Professionals speak English at all times, and the ATC is by far the best in the world. (Though ill admit with a less complicated starting point, than ie. London.)

I have always found it inherently funny that the brits, have to have exeptions because they of course know better than everyone else,
and the americans dont really care as long as it works back home. (Which is why they are probably alright with PRISM as it is only targeted at foreigners )

The best part about the exceptions are that they "exported" and used outside the homepond.

The americans say "xxx Heavy" everywhere, and the brits feel obliged to tell departure on which SID, pass alt, cleared level they are to everyone,
eventhough nobody seem to care outside the UK.

(And before any dutch start rambling about ATC in AMS which is good, sorry but a bit to gash generally !! )
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