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It seems that about every other year or so, someone starts a thread about how terrible the US ATC system's language use is.

Well, the FAA is slowly changing it more in compliance with ICAO standards. Not because of 99 percent of the air traffic that is in US airspace everyday, but for the one percent of foreign crews that fly in US airspace, domestically, on any given day. The Pacific region of Oakland Center would be an exception, as it controls nearly the entire North Pacific airspace from California to Japan, China and the Philippines.

So sorry, learn to live with it. We are doing a lot more to change than anyone else is.

Also, with my experience in international flying, which is considerable, the US still has the best ATC system and controllers. With London ATC a very close second.

As for Euro Control, what a joke that is. Until there is a single ATC system in Europe, it is still in the dark ages of aviation.

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