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Most of the jobless lot in India are only 10+2, ie., high school passouts. What knowledge and maturity do you expect these guys to have? Obviously, they live in their own virtual worlds where they consider that it is their destiny to have their first job as a tubeliner f/o. You can't really expect any hint of professionalism from these wannabe jocks. They hardly know anything about life. Their line of thought is very narrow.

If you have been to uni, then you have obviously experienced first year dorms, resisting temptations, coping with unimaginably large syllabi, dealing with different kinds of people, working around tight situations and so much more...All this valuable experience makes a huge difference in how you get around business in India.
That's your class and maturity to club each n every tom dick & harry in one stroke.That is professionalism for you to degrade and have pre conceived perception of each one of younger generation upcoming pilots are not matured , lacking professionalism and skill's.
So you decode all traits by reading posts and not even reading it properly.

First it was not so matured educated pilots reason of cribbing for you now its non-professional attitude.The more reasoning and logic you quote, the more amusing its becoming.

I have worked hard and made a comfortable niche for myself close to but thankfully out of this mess of getting a flying job. I will sit back and watch the ill-fated ones go on their road to perdition.
Then again it's your class to see others fail.

I have not done a CPL but am very much involved with recruitment in airlines.
God save those airlines for which you are a recruiter.Did you by any chance worked as or in KFA ?
I am already an FO and would pray that i don't get bench to test me which includes people like you that lack class in first place to point fingers at others.
Hell you are not even a student pilot , Contractpilot with 69 at back ....any fetish for 69 ?

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