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@ contractpilot
I am sure there is no relation between a high school passout & another with a degree trying to be a pilot. These minimum education standards are set by the governing bodies almost every country has these as the minimums I really don't know any place having you to have a degree to fly a plane, hell even the AirForce or rather the defense system in general consider these to be the minimum requirements to let the pilots in to defend the country, surely that carries more responsibility so to say. Also if you look at the pilots working with the industry right now majority are 10 + 2 passouts or most have got their degrees later after they started flying. These have gone ahead becoming Captains & Check Pilots and you will agree with me when i say they don't seems to be crashing planes at frequent intervals. The discipline required to fly these commercial airplanes comes on the job just as it does when joining the defense system. Some might not reach absolute standards but that rather depends on an individual basis and has nothing to do with they not having a degree.

Please you talk about in your words "If you have been to uni, then you have obviously experienced first year dorms, resisting temptations, coping with unimaginably large syllabi, dealing with different kinds of people, working around tight situations and so much more...All this valuable experience makes a huge difference in how you get around business in India." You serious mate you have never found any of these when you got around getting your CPL done, or life in general I outside a college degree, wonder really what closed life you have been living yet, please cut the crap.
You say jobless Indian pilots are not street smart get a grip, you are here to fly an commercial airplane you don't need to be the makings of the next President all you need is to follow procedures and put some logic & common sense in it, nothing to do with being street smart.

I don't even want to get in your last 4 para's, that is a complete joke.
Clearly, you don't understand what I mean. I am not bringing in the aspect of having a degree with respect to any form of minimum qualification requirements. This thread has nothing to with the Air Force for which the recruitment is so stringent that only the best and truly gifted ones are selected. By default, they get the cream of the lot. I have not done a CPL but am very much involved with recruitment in airlines.

This discipline you speak about should come on the job but rather before it. If they have it beforehand, their recruitment is quite 'honest'. If they are ever recruited that is. All this is with reference to India. And trust me as a brother, you have no idea what life in university, particularly in India, is like. It's like no other. That's for sure.

In India, if you're going the honest route, we do want to see very high standards being adhered to.
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