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Most of the jobless lot in India are only 10+2, ie., high school passouts. What knowledge and maturity do you expect these guys to have? Obviously, they live in their own virtual worlds where they consider that it is their destiny to have their first job as a tubeliner f/o. You can't really expect any hint of professionalism from these wannabe jocks. They hardly know anything about life. Their line of thought is very narrow.

If you have been to uni, then you have obviously experienced first year dorms, resisting temptations, coping with unimaginably large syllabi, dealing with different kinds of people, working around tight situations and so much more...All this valuable experience makes a huge difference in how you get around business in India.
WoW !!
Earlier it was laziness then came excuse of not leaving home for hardship then came daddy's money funding kids own comforts then came low hours with shiny dreams( nightmares ) now comes less education.
Yes Indian pilots are mostly 10+2 but does that make all of Indian pilots are 10+2 kids ? Haha logic of putting views or dare i say forcing one's own views on others by using lame and duck fart reasons can only showcase what sort of discomfort older generations are feeling seeing easy going kids.

I wouldn't say about other kids on this thread but would rather say about me on this aspect in the pretext of education.
I am B.Tech from DCE , MS in Aeronautics with all credits on my marks sheet.Worked as an intern in Bristol plant of EADS ( Airbus wing development center) for 6 months..had interest dabbling from Audio HiFi to DIY electronics.I also have my one hand in finance market to fund my fantasies.But i faced same problems like this 10+2 kids.
Now take this , My grand dad had 38K+ hours ranging on ( dakota/dc3/caravelle/707/737/747 ) and my dad veteran of 34K+ hours on all modern jet's with airline ranging from Indian to European still couldn't land me shiny jet seat.Why coz he never wanted me in this line in first place, to beg for something for him was lowering his dignity.He never asked anyone nor did i but it use to feel extremely painful to see people getting jobs with money power with no skills.I did what i could do atmost , wait & study and increase my savings for future....
So with my education certainly i am not less educated than most of you or less skilled technically or mentally.

Plus i got license at a time when recession started but cleared KFA exam in late 2007 and ditched it knowing the cost & terms of taking job there.Cleared Jet in 2008 July to put be on 2 year wait.Took up a job in GA on B200 in 2008 late with company bonding me for 3 years which ruled me out for Jet's 2008 job when they came back to us in start of 2010.Got upgraded in my GA work and gave Indigo's exam but couldn't clear...gave Jet's exam 3 weeks later but failed in interview when asked " what you did when you were not flying " all i said started making speakers for fun.That was it for them....why i failed with all my qualification was simple for me to understand that they didn't even took under consideration in first place.

Hard luck was told to me every time i couldn't find a airline job.With all my contacts and qualification i was placed under same bracket of fresh CPL holder fighting for a job along with them.
I fly with politician's , CEO's of big fat MNC's hell i even flew with expats who got trained by my dad.Every one said we will find a job for you and many did on airlines but in the end it all came with one thing - Money as kickback to land job.How much , To whom or When ? Answer was 20L Rs upwards.....

And i ain't even 20 year old , i am getting paid but its too little to even cover my automobile repair cost.I ain't crying that after studying so much i am getting peanuts in return....coz i know what i was getting into.I have understanding of Airline Biz....everything that goes up comes down and it's down right now for me atleast but i will go up surely when is matter of time but by my own will.So when idiots who have absolutely no understanding of local system/hardship or for that matter basic working rights boils me

You must know why most expats are fuming coz young inexperienced kids are taking away their option of another livelyhood , deserving local pilots are finding it hard coz money power and too much anti Govt. policies , poorly financed pilots are facing bank's ire to return money.

In the end to land pilot job in India or anywhere comes down to two things - Money power & Contacts !
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