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@ JB, Capt. Apache, and Gambol. I don't think Pilotbaba is trying to boast about his achievements, but merely trying to imply that putting in the work has its results. I know that not everyone uses 'daddy's money' to buy their way in to the right seat of a jet, but not everyone wants it bad enough to get there the hard way if need be.
I've been reading this thread for a while and agree with points on oth sides of the fence. It is definitely hard to get GA work in India, but it's ot totally non-existent! Africa would be a great place to fly, but from what I gather from posts on PPRuNe it can be difficult to get the necessary work visa with an Indian passport. And for everyone out there telling Indian pilots to go work in PNG, or at Susi Air, and get some amazing flying under their belt, I know that they won't hire Indians, and prefer pilots from Oz, NZ, and South Pacific. It's just the way it is. The Indian passport can be a bit of a hinderence at times.
Oh, and going back to that 'daddy's money' nonsense. You might use the money provided to you by your family to go to flying school, or your own hard earned money. In the first case it's pretty much the same as your parents paying for you to go off to university. I don't see anyone sh!!!!ng on that now!! If you fall in the second category, good for you. However, when kids fresh out of flying school with 200 odd hours think it's their birthright to sit in the right seat of a 737 or 320, and use huge amounts of money to get there it's just wrong. I'm talking about when there is no proper screening process in place, and anyone with enough money can get in, regardless of competency. You really have no clue who's flying that aircraft.
In India it is common for the airlines to make new pilots pay for their type rating, or have the cost of the type rating deducted from the pilots monthly salary. Sometimes you pay a portion of the cost, and are bonded for a certain period, upon completion of which you can leave the airline without having to pay the remaining amount. It simply is this way because the airlines wanted to keep people from getting a free type rating, a few hours, and then leaving. The fact theat a lot of people are willing to buy their own type rating doesn't help!
And as for washing planes, refuelling them, and that sort of stuff...it's not really a job that's available to the student pilot in India. Even if you have a CPL and are just doing it to be around aircraft and hope to get some flying...not gonna happen. It works abroad, and I've done it myself!!! Whoever commented above about Indians being spoilt,and having servants makes them think they're too good for such work is wrong. I'm Indian, I've grown up with servants(not slaves) and I'm not spoiled, I've done the refuelling, washing, parking, and maintenance of aircraft. That's just life in India. I don't see expats complaining about having a cook, a maid, a driver, and watchman. But it wouldn't be fair for me to generalise.
What I'm trying to say is that India is unique in its ways. Live here long enough and you'll understand. It's frustrating at times, but that's no excuse to go at each other over here. If someone's got some good advice take it, if not don't! And another thing. I see some guys here getting offended by certain posts aimed at them. Take the time to read it again and you may find there's nothing offensive in there. After all English is spoken differently in various countries and you and you might just be misunderstanding what's being said.
I think that's pretty much it. Don't normally type this much! Good luck to all trying to land that first job, and safe flying all!

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