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Everyone is struggler initially, be it me or you or anyone else.What people like you forget is that to get a foot in aviation as a pilot you need to burn some cash or wait before getting a leg in irrespective of any country for instructor rating/TR or else with no job surety.He ends up with same problem but with bigger debt this time, a fresh pilot can only work in a new country if he has right to work or has hours.But he can marry a local and wait till he gets a right to work but then what wait for his future with added family member and no money ?
If a pilot gets money from his family then he is sucking his daddy's money , if same pilot's family pays training money then he is wasting daddy's money.But were the heck is way to earn money to repay debts to who ever they are owed and what he usually gets in advice is " Son get a FI rating....wash my arse and paint it white." ...
Show him a way to earn money for betterment not to put debt again with no repaying options available.

I could have also just sat in India, curse the govt, curse the industry & vent my frustration at anyone & everyone but rather than doing that, I went out there & made things happen for me.
So you went out , how long did it take legally for you to have working rights ?
Green card /5 years...or how many wife's did you added in your struggling list ? Think twice about debt's and time constraints, logically you are wayward with your advice.

I found out that I need to clear all my exams again, so I cleared all the DGCA exams for CPL, Air Reg, NAV, MET & Technical General; all of them in 1 shot; 1st attempt; even after being away from the Indian system for more than 15 years and just by studing on my own & without any coaching at all.

I also cleared ATPL Nav & Radio Aids written & Oral, again in 1 shot & on the 1st attempt, again without any coaching, just by self study..
So you mean those who clear DGCA written's in their second, third.....attempts are not capable pilots of future or they have garbage brain ?
There are far far many people who cleared DGCA written's in first attempt to land CPL but still struggling to clear a single airline exam for ages , so that means they are not that good enough isn't it.
If clearing exams in first attempt makes you think you know " I am Jack of all " then i would say i passed CPL exams in second attempt but ATPL's in third and guess what i got a GA job in very first chance, am on IPT list of biggest private airline in India and on the verge of giving SIM check for another one.If all fails on me then i get myself a nice shiny TR and get into another airline coz i got hours which sadly CPL holders don't have due to which they are unemployed.
So that makes me " I know what i am talking " isn't it Pilotbaba ?

People like you who say's : " We have seen it , done it " are mere talking cowards trying to put ill advised words of adventure into mouths of poor debt ridden pilots.What you are not telling is actual level of hardship you or likes of you faced with debts on your head.Even now at this time pilots are getting job without any backdoor references....yes there may be some wait or halts but they will eventually get the job.

Your thinking & advice is absurd to its highest level with pints of humour.
Feel free to ignore my post as i believe basic logic of legal working rights & how to reduce debt are beyond your understanding.

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