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priapism, further to your post, I think the huge - and I mean HUGE - mistake made by the Sarah Hanson-hyphens (and the Kevin Rudds) of this world is that the people, particularly the males, from that culture we all steer so carefully from naming here will be grateful for the support given them (and let's call it what it is - appeasement ) - to their every demand.

Nothing could be further from the truth. They look upon any leeway given them as weakness, weakness to be exploited to the fullest.

In short, they despise us. "Aussie" is a term that to them, equates to what, in the days before Political Correctness, 'spic' or 'wog' did with many if not most in mainstream Australia.

They enter the country by blatantly breaking our laws. How can we expect them to have any respect for - or to obey - any other law of the land?

And it's not just those who have arrived here by boat over the last few years. Read Tim Priest's book about the criminal families who came here as 'refugees' back in the Fraser years. They arrived here openly flouting the law and screaming discrimination the moment any action was attempted against them. Attempted being the operative word, because the PC bunnies, even then, hobbled the police to such a degree that they were unable to do a damned thing about these criminal families.

And the sons and grandsons of these people, all Australian citizens BY BIRTH, are every bit as bad as their parents and grandparents, some of them now running the so-called 'Nike' bikie gangs of south west Sydney and Melbourne.
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