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It is entirely about the effort.

If you need a sponsor (as I agree in such countries you do) then have they tried? Difficult? YES! Chances of success? Minimal at best. Tried? NO! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Many foreign airlines send their cadets to the YS, Oz or BZ for training. There have been accidents & loss of life. Ate those countries therefore off limits as well?

GA is a training ground, proving ground, school of hard knocks, character builder & character tester. OCTA in Africa or the outback in Australia is of little difference.

Give me OCTA in Africa as opposed to pilots resting in business class as FA's man the controls, rats found on board aircraft, epidemic series of fraudulent licenses & credentials as are the tried & tested ways of airlines in India & the DGCA.

Again no one had ever been great or successful at anything while allowing barriers, no matter how steep, get in their way of them realizing their dreams & aspirations. Every barrier is a chance to get better get stronger & better.

Johnny's assertion of a prejudice against Indians was most certainly directed toward a racist accusation.
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