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TopTup is obsessed with anything & everything that relates to India be it Incredible India theme or Indian pilots young or old from airlines to charters.He will never ever give a second opinion about anything that has " India or Indian " in it , hell he even thinks that every pilot from India ( Third World Country for him ) is born unskilled and pampered by cash rich daddy's to flaunt over sized aviators with freshly inked CPL.
The problem is not with him but his " Attitude " towards younger pilots from India which resembles almost with every expat's except few.
All he has ever posted regarding Indian pilots is " BullCrap " filled with loads of venom....He will either bash and rant at AI for its miss management , how unskilled pilots of AI are along with crappy TRE/TRI/Checkers....or how he was unlawfully treated by them before showing him door of " Gateway out of India ".
Never mind his post, for him every part of World is same.....you show up your face at every operators office anywhere in world and you will stand a chance to find job irrespective of work & visa procedures along with local law.
If you put up your views its all whining & excuse.
Anything other than he will give you a nice short crisp lesson on " English Grammar ".


Your post are not " eye opening or out of box thinking " but extremely hilarious.
I for once remember you struggling hard to find a way or other to renew your DGCA CPL sometime back in 2011 or 2012.Where was your out of box thinking when your Indian CPL was on verge of lapse ? I bet you were so busy cleaning ,flying your piston's/turbo's/jets or whatever out of box you achieved since being a veteran struggler.

1.You say get Instructor rating , when a CPL holder is already in debt of 50K $ you want him to take again debt for what an instructor rating which has ZERO scope for him to land job in India seeing how many flying school we have or anywhere in world without right to work with what bare minimums hours ...? LOL

2.Wash ,clean,run,stripe yourself just to be near aircraft is your way of providing " out of box " thinking ? LOL its more like wanking wanking wanking...thinking about ohh yes i will get that plane and job.Come on dude dont be so lame...trying to find a job is better when you are in non flying aviation work but paying loans and feeding yourself shouldn't come as top priority ? A cleaner or ramp worker in India gets 4000-6000Rs per month on contract.Go do your maths...

3.GA flying, paid or semi paid....where in India ? Don't ever say this advice to any kid...GA in India is non existent , governed & ruled by ex - defence with hours on types.You will whore yourself if chosen GA in India....

4.Move abroad, land a job....earn your hours and all i ask is WHERE ....Kindly give me a option and hey i ain't a bare CPL holder....i have right to work in India/UK and i got hours...hurray !! Sadly with my hours i don't stand a damn chance considering my 1000+TT even if i have right to work in other country then how will a young fresh CPL holder fare among very very experienced pilots with multi thousands hours on type ?

You know what living around certain environment has an attitude cum personality change which i was taught in my CRM training and is clearly shown in you by your advice and views.Grow your views with ground reality , even if some indian marries a local he will have to wait for his right to work in that country...i bet you know immigration rules of the place you are living right now.

Problem is not vaga bound CPL pilots or lack desire or under prepared planning or lack of jobs or anti govt. policies...it's an combination of things which i guess no one wanna give a shout.

It's easy to bash people but you or any other older gents have absolutely no right to condemn every young pilot without a job.Not all people are wasting daddy's money , there are many who spent their own money to get CPL and waited for right moment to land a job.It's only those who dumbly followed national dailies with starry dreams crying foul now when banks are knocking for their money.

Some will get job now , some will get it later ....not all will make it but many will.Time is greatest factor and i admire AV8R76 coz he has always been honest with his replies irrespective of topic but with full command of ground reality.

Expats see Indian market are playing ground , we see as stepping stone...money is for all....time is sadly not for all.In Biz everything has stop-start-stop moment....few people started their journey at top of cycle others at bottom.Aviation is cycle certainly in India...
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