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I started out no different than you or UMSC.I was fully aware what I was getting into.But I believed the same bullshit that people are putting up here about hardwork.I was soon confronted with the bitter reality that if I did not raise about 300 thousand dollars, I wasn't going to find a job.

Always wanted to fly this cute looking old worn out Piper Apache parked outside my school.But the only time I even got close to a shiny (they seem to like that word) Cessna was when I exhausted a part of my savings trying to keep current.

Just because I sit pretty now gives me no license to deride people who have made a mistake.They are all aware that they have made a mistake.

You (not you avr876) may not be able to influence government policies, but the least you can do is change your attitude towards those who are less fortunate.
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