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There are no birds only bird pooh.

Curious about the fuel on board landing (FOBL) of certain, unnamed companies at the below any legal minima Mildura, recently: I rang the TVL refuel unit, which; strangely enough, referred me to Cairns. Apparently they're cousins, twice removed or some such. Anyway: to the chase.

Seems one of the current red hot Cairns rumours is, John Quadrio (a.k.a. the "Bird man") has assembled quite a case against the McComic mob facts, against fairy stories, and (somehow) acquired several (more than one ) recanted statements from star witnesses. Quite a stalemate the DAS has on his plate, if he goes the distance. (Dubious). Aye well, it's all idle speculation (at the moment), but I hear it's all downhill for the star chamber, Micro Manage Master Team (MMM-Comic enterprises): seems as though "team" got it wrong; once again.

Anyway, and just thinking out aloud here; IF it was ever proven (beyond reasonable doubt et al) that JQ was not flying "that" sequence: then who was????

Someone (CASA prospect here) has allowed a good mans life to be decimated, his health to be impared, his marriage threatened and his reputation, to be, perhaps irretrievably damaged by simply, staying quiet, getting away with it; and probably, having a laugh, over a beer with his "mates" while Quadrio's life implodes right now.

Well, make another speech there John boy. We all lurvv to hear your Yakity Yak yak yak about just how great you and your 'orrible 'little men' are; we inhale it, are inspired as were the 49'ers by it. Please, don't bugger off in September: where else could we find somewhat over 500,000 reads, supporting your agnostic attitude to pot plants. I mean No one else would even be aware of Pete (Fiona Nash's little darling) but; you; you care. Brave and honest enough to state, (in parliament, on Hansard), that you are agnostic. Bravo, can't wait for next months, not available on Birdsong, missive. DROOOL. (Can I have your autograph puleeese)....

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