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I have injured my arm, and so was trying to post with as few words as possible, and then fighting the constant correction of predicting text on my ipad caused by pain induced typing errors, but you have forced me to type more

The 35 has a very powerful radar, as do many Russian/soviet types, and it can see all kinds of aircraft at long range. It's all well and good being in JSF, but if the 35 can see you clearly at longer range than the missiles the JSF carries then the stealth is a bit pointless IMHO.

The Americans have already realised they need a new generation of missile in the short range class to counter the latest Chinese/Russian offerings, so it could be said that the 35 comes out on top or equal at BVR, top of the class at short range, and looks to be a good dog fighter too, if the comments of ppruners who have done these things are anything to go by.

I wish the RAF could have some 35's
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