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Uncle G - if you want to see contractorisation delivering an improvement to Service life, take a look at Northwood. They've re-built the whole place and it's so much better than the dreary old site that it was. As someone noted further up this thread (and I completely agree), they serve pretty good food in all 3 Messes too.

Couldn't agree more that some contracts and some contractors aren't in it for the greater good of the average Serviceperson, but it seems a bit harsh to put everyone in that bracket.

The PAYD 'core menu' price is fixed to the basic Serviceperson's wage - so our pay freeze isn't just hurting us (but I'm not sympathetic). A possible solution would be not to order the basic 'core menu' and moan about it - order something else from the menu and pay 50p more. Or go to Tesco.....
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