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Just finished reading the full report. 176 pages of well reasoned prose by the Committee that was a delight to read. I think a few people in Canberra will discuss it over a beer this evening and by Monday morning what will happen next is decided.

Both heads must roll.

It may be possible to find Australians with sufficient international reputation to fill the jobs, if not then secondments from FAA or other regulators are going to be needed if Australia is not to be downgraded.

"Bounty diving" at Norfolk can get the FDR's assuming suitable aviation technical assistance is available, they have already looked at it from 42 metres and I assume can go the extra five with decompression stops. There is a video on their website.

The ATSB is a basket case.

The CASA has not yet had the coup de grace, but if the good Senators get their enquiry into the regulatory reform program they foreshadowed, then CASA;s goose will be well and truly cooked.
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