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Well, a good outcome, well done all those hard working souls who helped make it happen.
But as a great man once said:

"This is not the beginning of the end, rather its the end of the beginning"

Nothing will change for aviation until there is a complete restructure of the regulatory framework and a rewrite of the regulations, a monumental task.
Our regulator has morphed into a reactive "Aviation Policeman" as opposed to a proactive Safety Authority, it will take considerable political will as the level of corruption within the regulator must run very deep. As an illustration, back in the eighties, CAsA were charged by the government to reform our regulatory suite. They were given a clear list of instructions on what they were to achieve. A quarter of a century and a quarter of a billion dollars later has a single one of those objectives been achieved?
"Safety" has just become a word bandied about to impress politicians and the public, or to use to justify nefarious decisions or projects, real safety has no relevance to CAsA.
Real safety initiatives come from a proactive organization where "Foster and Promote" features highly in its ethos. I hope the results of this enquiry is the end of the beginning towards complete reform while we still have an industry to foster.

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