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Back Up

  • Pretty easy really just call Simon Lutton from the AFAP on 03 9928 5737 he will confirm the arrangements - knows them well as he played a role in negotiating them
  • Google Jetstar Pilot EBA 2008 , junior FO around $60K base for two years then onto standard payscale of around $90K base
  • Add at least 20% to base
The people who don't like these programs are:

  • Those who don't get selected
  • Flying schools who don't have the training contracts
  • Pretty much every GA/Regional pilot in Australia who aspires to the majors - as every cadet place means one less direct entry. Tough gig for these people as QF - not hiring, Virgin - not hiring (small cadetship) , Jetstar - QF transfers and cadets only. Sorry guys flying a jet with the majors - it just ain't gonna happen for most of you
  • Military pilots - who are looking to transition to an airline job - none there unless you like sand

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