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Someone might be able to answer this. When these cadets finish their a320 endo's will they be paid under the eBa agreement as a junior first officer on $58,000 then after 12 months do they get paid as a level 2 first officer on $98,000 like what happens to level 1 first officer's or do they remain on $58,000 as a junior first officer until they hold a complete atpl? and that's before having to pay off their training costs over a 6 year period?
Junior FO until you get your full ATPL, which is 2-3 years I guess while ICUS time is logged. Once you hit FO in year 2 or 3 I think thats when you start paying off your endorsement which will be 15-17k/year for two years given the endorsement is $34K. So you will be on around $60k in year 1-3 then probably $70k in year 4 (Full FO wage of $90k minus $17k endoresment payback) and $80k in year 5 as this will be your second year as an FO so you will hit level 2 FO wages (around 100k), remember to take the $17k off for the second half of the endorsement payback so you'll get 80k gross that year.

So for the first 5 years of your career after your training you're on about $60 - $80k a year and you're building up A320 time in a professional airline part of the Qantas group. Not bad for someone coming in off the street given the alternative routes available to get into the airlines as jet pilots.
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