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Thanks all for your replies.
I have mid year exams coming up so I will sure to study hard for them. Right now I have played a good 6 different team sport and still playing 1 for club and the other 5 through school. I have been the captain of these teams on may occasions and I still am for hockey and soccer. I cox the first four in rowing which I think will help me with quick decision making and leadership skills. I have been SRC twice so far and I was one of the prefects (if you wish to call them that) in year 6.

I also have a question and I was wondering if any of you could answer it, or give me advice for this.

Should I join the Cadets (for the RAAF)?
I have been looking at joining for a while now and havent been able to find reviews on if it is good or not (I need this for my parents. I am all for it, they just want to see if it is going to be beneficial)

Thanks once again,
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