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How thing’s have changed….NOT!

Some quotes from a Paul Phelan article called A skilfully mismanaged stuffup(my bold).

“Most of the documentation of these events would never have surfaced, had the affected operator not dug its heels in and fought for their release. Uzu Air’s friends, as well as many of its commercial rivals, were united in their belief that these events represented an ongoing threat to the orderly conduct of aviation, and ultimately a negative impact on air safety. They also observed that CASA had developed a tactic to subvert the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) process, by cynically sheltering behind Section 9A of the Civil Aviation Act. That belief has been strengthened many times since the Uzu Air debacle.”

“Jan 20 99: Uzu filed a notice of application for review of the CASA decision to suspend its AOC, claiming that the Authority had acted ultra vires (outside its legislated authority); breached rules of procedural fairness and natural justice; failed to provide adequate reasons for the decision; misapplied administrative principles, and ‘failed to correctly interpret and apply the law.’ ”

Sounds oh so familiar, read it and weep!

Sounds oh so familiar, right or wrong operators/pilots deserve 'due process' and 'natural justice'. However FF still believe they're above the 'rule of law' and until industry unites to say enough is enough the longer the strangulation of a once vibrant industry will continue!

ps Noticed BASI weren't afraid to call FF out back then for telling/insinuating untruths about a pending prelim report...sheesh FFS these days we've got ATSBeaker sitting on the lap of Fort Fumble..'God help us!'

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