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hey guys, I am just after a few peoples opinion in terms of when i should start my application process.
Due to a few personal reasons over the past couple of months ive put on roughly 20kg. I am currently 102kg and my weight before was around 78-80kg. I was just wondering if i should wait until I am back down to my old weight before I apply or if it would be somewhat beneficial to start the process now so the DFR can see my commitment to my weight loss? I was originally leaning towards waiting it out but after reading through this thread it seems like proven commitment is a big thing in the eyes of the OSB, so if they can see my commitment to my health will this be seen as a good thing or as a bad thing for letting myself get into bad shape as it is.
Also another question I was involved in a quite violent armed robbery (gunpoint) which caused me to have roughly two months off work as the doctors and psychologists pumped me full of drugs and tried to see if I was developing PTSD. I am now 100% better and truly believe the experience has prepared me to how life may turn out in the ADF if I end up in a warzone. I am worried that they will just throw my application out the window because of this incident. My medical record will say I suffered from anxiety due to the incident but that only lasted for a few weeks after and I now have no problems with anxiety. Can anyone who has heard of a similar situation put my mind to rest?
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