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although I think the FBI should
have come out earlier and told the media to stop until the FBI provided
more info -
The FBI cannot tell or order the media to do squat. They can ask, but that's about it. All any law enforcement agency in the US, including the FBI, can do is only remove the media from a certain area/s.

That's it.

I do well see your point and mostly agree. But today's media is scoop crazy, just as the newspapers of old were before the age of 'media'.

Going back to the suspects, I just watched the aunt and the father of the two suspects both more or less, well the father flat out did claim, that the two boys, that wouldn't hurt a fly, were framed.

The aunt even claimed that the video and still shots of the two leaving the bombs, fake photography. Well, I guess that would be expected from the family. 'Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?"

Trying time for all, especially for the victims and the families of.

I really, really hope they capture the young one alive. He has to be wounded, after seeing the car that was shot up, plus an IED going off in the car, I cannot see how he would not be.

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