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Prince N

Your thoughts are not relevant.

Kharon (or Charon, I went to a different school) has his mind set firmly on the far shore as any good ferryman would. Like his Styxian namesake he has an unshakeable self-belief and has his hand firmly and self evidently on his pole.

Not for him to be swayed by criticisms from small minded people who only see his work as an anthology of unintelligibly smug in-jokes and taunting half-truths. Such little folks cannot see the gold in his prose through their narrowed eyes. Not for him to be concerned that others wonder at his agenda and ask why someone with his staggering knowledge does not do a Dick Smith and publish under his own name his claims to take over CASA and/or ATSB.

I acknowledge my own shortcomings. In a long an undistinguished career I never managed to ditch a perfectly serviceable aircraft so I am unable to see the nuances evident in Kharons attacks on CASA in this regard. I always preferred alternates myself but perhaps a lifetime of being totally mission focused (i.e the far bank of the Styx) Kharon has an understandable aversion to diversions.

So I suggest you start another thread, one devoted to plain English and clear exposition, and leave this one to the ferryman and his pole.
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