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Fat wallets, bonuses, troughs and Cha Ching!

Tontinewarrior, you are correct. Bonuses should never ever be tied to safety. That is a big no no. I know of CASA auditors chucking a fit when discovering 'safety and bonuses linked together', yet CAsA's executives themselves all receive bonuses. Last year it was around 30 individuals, around $2 million dollars from around $8 000 to $50 000 individually (Herr Skull won the top prize, oink oink). It is a hypocritical disgrace. Another example of gouging from the trough. These clowns do not deserve bonuses, unless you call not being able to complete a project, incompetence, malfeasance, bullying, lying and and fudging as being worthy of a bonus. In that case they should triple it!
Yes, around 25 people earning between $180 000 and $500 000, or approximately $8 000 000 000 worth of you, the taxpayers money in salaries!

Anyway, ol mate Gobbledock was pretty good on the 'trough figures' and I think he could enlighten us if he ever comes back.
These figures don't include super annuation (approximately 15.75%), generous perks, travel, allowances, education, etc etc etc....welcome to aviation safety, CAsA style....

'Safe skies are rorted skies'

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