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Borrowed AOC or operating as a division of.....

JFC operating Barrier's fleet from Barrier's premises under a new name..

Wrightsair at William Creek advertise on their website as

Wrightsair, The Lake Eyre Scenic & Charter Flight Specialist: A division of Freycinet Air

So what's the difference between a borrowed AOC, and "operating as a division of"?

As an aside, at the same time, on CASA's safety material, Trevor Wright is promoted as Chief Pilot, Wrightsair - which I am not sure how he could be if Wrightsair are a division of Freycinet Air? Perhaps CASA's left hand doesn't know what it's right hand is doing? (Not having a go at Wrightsair or JFC, just trying to get my head around how the rules & regs work).

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