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You're right, it's all quickly becoming irrelevant but I'll respond anyway.

All recent courses have over-run. For instance, last Jan's finished in August rather than the advertised June! Regarding the fast-tracking of experienced guys; there are myriad opportunities to get them through more quickly, for example is it really necessary for current procedurally green-rated pilots to do two separate instrument flying phases. I would suggest that a full basic IF phase and a separate procedural phase (the same number of sorties as an ab-initio student) is somewhat overkill or is SAR instrument flying more difficult? I think not.

Do you honestly think that a guy/girl who has completed three or more front-line SH tours needs to do exactly the same sorties at SARTU and 203 Sqn as an ab-initio student fresh out of Shawbury? The attitude of the die-hard yellow-hatters who have never done anything other than SAR that it is somekind of dark and mysterious art form is one of the reasons that the RAF SAR force became the unwieldy and inflexible empire that it did. Believe it or not there are non-yellow helicopters out there that can be fitted with a winch, fly in appalling weather conditions, rescue people and are even hovered quite accurately by non-SAR pilots.

It's interesting that Bristow are only stipulating 250 hrs SAR experience for their prospective captains and more onus is being put on overall experience isn't it?
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