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Thanks again, Zeffy - I could not find any reference to the ROC for TAA procedures (mind you, I got dizzy with all the maths................) Overall it seems odd that the hold at INDRA (1 nm inside ZEDAG) is considered safe at 3800' and yet when we switch to TAA procedures it jumps to 4300'. I assume there is a different (increased) ROC since the terrain is no less 'challenging'.

Incidentally, I see that 8260.19E at 2.74 calls for 200' to be added as an AAO which may account for the 200' discrepancy we see between the FAA and Jepp chart 'spot heights' (basically to allow for the 199' mast), and 2750' + 1000' gives us the 3800' hold, I guess.

Just glad I never had to construct procedures..........................

Sorry for the diversion and back to the accident.
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