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Frank, very astute observation. DCA days were tough but relatively fair. CAA was the commencement of the current regime. FF's issues go deep to the core. Most of the CEO/Directors have been idiots, with the occasional good one, but their tenures are short term. So you need to dig down deeper, bring to the surface the long termers who have been there 10, 20 or so years. They are the ones who have spent years manipulating, creating and building the beast we now see. And if you don't believe they can be influential then just look at the ATSBeaker. An organisation that went from top class to pony pooh in 5 short years under the direction of one person.

So we understand the concept of root cause don't we? Yes we do. So lets apply that very methodology to FF and ATSBeaker. Look at the causes, conditions, trends and facts and you find the answer. FF's power brokers and former faceless men who have risen through the ranks over one to two decades are individually worthy of closer Senator scrutiny. Same with the ATSbeaker, review their history, structure, senior people and the time frame from when they used to churn out quality work and had built up a good reputation to now, the past 5 years since the Head Beaker came onboard and turned the place into a mi mi mi
mess. Root Causes galore friends!
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