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Senate Chess ??

Committee membership.
Senator Fawcett to replace Senator Nash on the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee for the committee’s inquiry into aviation accident investigation on 21 March 2013, and Senator Nash to be appointed as a participating member of the committee. 3.56 Agreed to.
Interesting move, one perhaps reflecting the 'mood' of the Pel Air inquiry team. DF is a particularly well qualified asset; fair minded and tough enough to see through the blarney and legal chicanery being pedalled, some believe with contempt, to this now first class committee. One thing I like is the notably 'non partisan' approach and the willingness to cooperate; team effort and all that. This particularly able group have, for me at least, so far shown the very 'best' side of the political system at work; you know, for the good of the people. etc. Choccy frogs and gold stars all round.

Hopefully the committee will penetrate the thinly disguised sham of the Pel Air embarrassment and serve notice that several very dodgy matters need to be addressed. The sooner CASA get the message that there is a greater power than them available to the people they disrespect (i.e. the law and the Parliament that made the law), the sooner we can get back to a sane, honest, representative system of managing air safety. The "Strictly no liability" ethos can disappear where the sun don't shine and CASA can get on with repairing the damage, working with industry toward a common goal; and, perhaps even regain some of the credibility and respectability lost during the last few traumatic years. Big job? – Oh yes....

With luck, this committee will see the Chambers Report; which, in my opinion is shameful, deceitful calumny; for what it is. Even if they only manage to disengage industry from the clutches of the "willing accomplice syndrome" and it's masters, they will have accomplished a great deal. If the CDPP can be utilised to reinforce the lesson in humility, so much the better. As the inestimable Bryan Aherne points out, there exists a perception of potentially serious breaches to various Acts. No doubt young Mr. James and many others would agree that these matters need to be properly tested, just to remove the element of doubt. (Eliminate them from our inquiries, so to speak).

Then, perhaps the committee could give the ATSB back the bollocks to square off some of the absolute rubbish presented as 'reports' in recent times; and perhaps issue CASA with instructions to 're examine' a couple or three well rogered pilot, accident and operator cases with some degree of probity, an eye for realism and some semblance of integrity. This would be welcomed as a 'recommended course of action' to begin the rehabilitation of a very sick puppy.


{Oh, the BRB had a whip around, a years supply of bottled water was purchased and sent to "Pete", the lonesome, winsome pot plant which has been adopted as the BRB mascot. Can Ms. Nash provide an autographed picture of "Pete", our hero??}

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