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More movement in the CASA chess game??

Well well, rumor has it that somebody senior in FF's Melbourne office has been 'seconded to a project' for a while? Same person who withstood the Field Office Manager shake up a few years ago due to his protective member of the GWM. The real rumoured reason is interesting for his moving to a 'project' however best not be discussed here, but suffice to say that the Melbourne person has friends in low places and the protective arm of the GWM strikes again!
And incidentally the person has been rewarded with a role that requires extensive international travel, so he will be strategically 'out of mind out of sight' for the coming months, how convenient?

Yes yes yes, another day with the same games, same shenanigans, same arrogance and same contempt for anything but their own self interests.
Then again, it is very hard to break up a mafia. Who knows, maybe Senator X (aka Elliot Ness) and his Untouchables (aka fellow Senators) will bust these guys and their rumored rackets wide open? Perhaps the Untouchables will give up on the notion of catching their prey on the big 'non compliances' and go after them on the smaller ones?? A win is a win.

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