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Brian Aherne continues to provide sane, reasoned response to the Senate Committee. The latest series of 'supplements' are available from the Senate Inquiry – submissions received. Well done Sir, invaluable; particularly as the effort made is voluntary, independent and only provided as a service to the industry. Bravo that man, Choccy frog and a gold star.

Apologies to those who can navigate their way to the submissions, but some of the Bar Room Barristers were having a 'mini bark' about getting there, hence the mud map. Google – Senate Inquiry – Current enquiries – (find) Rural and Regional Affairs – (find) Aviation Accident Investigations – (Click) then (find) Submissions received. This will get you to the right page. Item 10 Mr. Bryan Aherne - Supplementary 3 – is well worth the small amount of trouble to download: 23 pages of solid logic, the sort one would 'normally' expect from a national safety authority.

Speaking of the BRB, once the risquι suggestions on spuds, ginger and pineapples were dealt with, the meeting dealt with 'wodgers wee weport' and D. James options to sue the arse off the bloke who summarily consigned him to the pit under (dodgy ??) 265, backed by the threat of 269: with 234 and to fall back on (264 no appeal). James and a couple of others have felt the effects of a high speed grab on 265. It was decided hyperbole, conjecture and assumption don't quite stretch that far.

Just for fun, a couple of the boys have reworked the "Chambers Report". NFP (naturally) but a little clever editing (very little they say) and the insertion of local nick-names into the more obvious editorial 'gaps' and grammatical 'gaffs' produced a hilarious document of no practical value whatsoever; which manages to be not too damning of CASA, but flays a couple of the resident "Sydney team". All gross supposition and a blatant distortion of course, produced strictly for entertainment purposes; which it achieved admirably. You can try it at home, totally frivolous, but funny as.

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