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Sarcs, An interesting line up for the Senators! I am sure they will find room to shove some potatoes and ginger up CASA's coits along with the pineapples.
But potatoes do grow well in pooh, so maybe there is a lot of people wanting to import ginger and potatoes and grow that produce, along with pineapples, in the pooh that FF is leaving about the place?

Speaking of pooh, read the CASA Corporate Plan 2012 - 2015!
Hilarious load of spun up shite spread over 32 robust pages filled with bureaucratic evasion and beautiful glossy pages designed to distract the reader from the content of the pathetic document. A true lesson in government deflection 101. I am hoping to order several hundred copies as I believe the gloss overlay on each page will make a very comfortable toile paper! Don't worry, I will risk assess it first.
My favourite bit is on Page 3 where it says (If I may) - "We act at all times with fairness and integrity. We maintain the highest level of professionalism and act with high ethical standards without bias"!!
Oh man, I am still wiping away the tears of laughter, and as for the photos of Messrs Hawke and Skull, well I liked the use of the white table prop. That was the best element of their photos! Hawke was looking nonchalant and surly, as if a chamber pot had been emptied on his head.
And Mr Skull, grinning like a Cheshire Cat, looked to me like a man that has just taken his happy pills or some lithium!! I'm not saying that is the case by any means, it just looked that way to me

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