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I love charities,they are almost like governments, except governments try sometimes. I spent a day once searching for plasma for Haiti - reached a fantastic company who supplies us.
They were most kind with their pledge. I went to Children in Need who were gulling on about a massive plasma shortage and said hey, guys, guess what I found . .etc., etc - in the expectation that they would both talk to each other and the plasma would be on its way.
I explained the above quality control factor . . .CinN weren`t interested. Last time I sweat for a day trying to help a charity ORGANISATION.
You wanna help? Then go down and give a hand, rather than send your wonga to an office full of birds, with coffee and bus fares to find or to a group of warlords somewhere over `there` wherever `there` is in fashion at the time.
Rice from the USA. Sent with the kindness of their hearts. Ends up in a warehouse, where some shmuck with his hand in his pocket re-sells the lot.
By tracing and tracking shipments - little, but very little hits the target audience. Sadly.
Not only but also - there are fantastic careers to be had forming charity ORGANISATIONS and they proved a good living to a shameful (sick) few.
Because, people give their wonga, with their hearts - and then turn their back to get on with life and earn a bit more to give to the next charity - they do not follow their wonga or contribution to its supposed target.

Hopefully, they are not so culpably neglectful in my local supermarket, where they have a little shopping trolley at the exit, for people to place an item or two so as some lonely soldier/airman/woman, out there somwhere, will not feel entirely isolated and forgotten.

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