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My apologies but .. the Guest family tree contains some patent anomalies in terms of dates, most notably Sir Winston who's longevity was framed by the dates 1874-1965. Thank you to the PPRuNer who kindly pointed this out to me!

500 Fan: If you would like to read some really fascinating stuff then how about this .. 'The Gulfstream that went racing!'

There I was believing that I possessed at least a basic awareness of corporate aviation in Ireland from the early 80's (especially in matters relating to turf) when I discovered on a plank thread (apostacy I know!) that instead of landing at the nearest airport and having her passengers helicoptered in to the racecouse .. a particular Gulfstream in Ireland in 1983 decided to land directly on the racecourse .. as in on the grass gallops! Now that was a fasinating read, lol! Check it out here.

More Hiller .. of the non-turbine variety

Hiller UH-12E G-ATVN of the Central Electricity Generating Board at Southampton's Eastleigh Airport in August 1969 (Photo: Bary Friend)

ATVN began her service in the UK with United Helicopters of Redhill (who were they?) in 1966 being bought by the Central Electricity Generating Board the following year and then by Management Aviation in 1970.

ps: My thanks to Barry Friend for this photo; this being his first contribution to the thread.

pps: The roof of the building in this photo seems to be wearing a camouflage motif!

ppps: You would think that the CEGC would have been able to afford some weed-killer for their landing pad.
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