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Good evening all,

It is gratifying and somewhat surprising to see so many of the 293 Sqn folks still with us. Unfortunately my father passed away in 1994 otherwise I am sure he would be fascinated at the thought of re-connecting with his old squadron buddies. Apart from the contacts through this forum I am aware of at least one other surviving Sgt pilot from those days, in fact he was the guy in charge of flying the Warwick in the prang shown above.

I have scanned copies of all of my fathers photos from this period and also his very detailed diary from the same time, and am very wlling to share both with anyone that is interested. Many of his photos are of the aircraft of 293, but also many others of the ground crew, vehicles, camp sites etc and so may not be too interesting to the other forum members but if you care to pm me I will provide you with whatever I can.

As a taster, try this one and see if anyone’s face is familiar.......

Best Regards

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