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Hi Chris...

I use the concept "eight batteries" and have from the OP.

A cell, is "wet", a "component" of a battery. A battery is an enclosed, individual unit capable of installation as a self contained power storage system, in connection with other similar components, or solitary.

Simply, a "Battery" means "collection of".

Each battery in the Yuasa container is capable of being isolated, and performing a storage function, sealed from the others.

So I consider each battery as composed of three separate electrodes, or cells, producing a typical voltage when discharging.

Boeing used the experience of each separate battery in its claim of fleet hours....

As they should, but they also did not rely on that description in the Press.

In the Yuasa application, any battery failure fails all eight.... The series is broken.

That is why it was important for Boeing to allow both descriptions in the Press (imo). They could refer to a cell failure, when in fact, a cell failure meant the entire system was failing. They did not want to portray the whole battery system as that vulnerable to failure, it trashed their predictability....

Your car battery has six cells. It is a battery, unto itself.

The blue box in the Boeing contains eight three cell batteries, in series.

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