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Couple of points....

As I understand it ICAO has 192-ish member states many of whose capabilities, processes and transparency make even a bad day at CASA look like the Gold Standard of world regulatory systems). If you want our standards governed solely by majority rule of the Council or the full Assembly...well just be careful what you wish for.

Second......Australia is not alone in sticking to its rights to be the final arbiter of what goes on here: Article 1: Every state has complete and exclusive sovereignty over airspace above its territory.. Yes, doesn't mean the rest of the world has to love it but there it is. I believe the FAA tattoos this onto the back of the right hand of every employee the day they join.

Finally Kharon, I don't know whether my reading of your posts is complicated by the amount of red I've had before reading or the amount of red you had before writing but the truth is most of the time I have no idea who or what you're talking about. Can you PM me a code-book of names, nick-names issues, places etc please? Also a few lines of your resume so I can see if, when I do finally understand what you're on about, I'll know whether you actually do know what you're talking about.


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