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As previously stated.

Bagger cabs have 360 radar.
820 is a pinger sqn.

Pingers almost always work in pairs. At night/IMC a radar is what keeps them alive. The endless "clear blind arc right/left" is imprinted on my brain for ever.
A pinger works from a ship. It has to find that ship. It then has to control itself to the ship by HCA/ELVA which is a radar controlled approach to the ship. Approaching a ship by radar control when you cannot see the direction you are going is challenging.....
Think about it.

SAR cabs require a radar on I would guess 1% of shouts. Usually on your own, got GPS, and very rarely actually radar "search".
It happens, of course, but even the low level landfall apprach is rare. You could pretty much do away with a radar, and the RN never even used to have observers on the SAR for exactly that reason. If you needed somebody on the radar we just pinched an observer from a pinger sqn.

Blind arc effect on SAR, almost zero.
Blind Arc effect on Pinger, huge.

Oh, and by the way, it is CulDrose! Always has been , and in fact before the program had never heard it mispronounced.
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