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If one walks with a foot either side of the electric fence, one is bound to end up with roasted nuts. (apologies to Joh).

Has anybody heard who the new "selected" Director of Aviation Safety is, given the current incumbant is probably working overtime.

Should somebody write the job description, given I've seen none advertised to date?

May I be so bold to suggest;

1) Have empathy with fellow workmates.

2) Must work well with children.

3) Like dogs.

4) Have a preference for Canada.

5) Adore potplants.

6) Be capable of producing bulk amounts of plant nutrients.

7) Be kind to rabbits, hares and the likes.

8) Be satisfied with the salary offered and maintain your own superannuation from that salary.

Oh, and be prepared to live in Canberra and ride the Government supplied moped.

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