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Oh Mr Hart, what a mess!


Thanks for the reminder about what the CASA, its Board of mushroom providers and the Beaker should be doing.
However all receive an 'epic fail'. No chocolate frog award for them today, instead they earn a special 'chocolate starfish award'.

As has been tautologically discussed for some time now, these departments are filled to the troughs brim with spreadsheet analysts, spin doctors, bureaucrats and as Mel Brooks would say 'stand up philosophers' aka 'bulls#it artists'.
The system is sick, the system isn't working, in some people's eyes the system is corrupt, being manipulated and being influenced to lie and deceive by different levels of power. If the current system was actually one of Kharons dogs or horses you would put it out of its misery with a lead ball (sorry Kharon, but after all your dog did try to mount my leg the other day while we watched the Senate
live. And your bloody horses trough was empty and he stole an apple out of my hand!)

As for the Minister for Rooty Hill, his oversight of this debacle is beyond belief. Roll out a couple of briefs about rooted airports, rooted local governments not footing the bill for multi billion dollar infrastructure development and then bury your snout in the engine room of some gravy train and that's it! Nothing else achieved. Fancy White Paper brochures, non committal wording and mi mi mi mi is all it contains. It's all bollocks.
And for the record, if that piece of poo Whit Paper is what this country is hanging its aviation hat on then its time to pack up the kids and leave now.

Safe skies are not bureaucratic skies

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