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Mushroom Nutrients.

The house boat crew have been stood down for the day, they're all slightly nauseous from reading circular arguments, dizzy from spinning and baffled by the copious amounts of mushroom food (in deference to Creamie's delicate sensibilities) being generated from the NLK inquiry.

When a publicly funded safety entity appears prepared to sit and smugly base it's defence for not following world wide practice on a word like 'normally'; it's time for a shift off.

When the same entity seems prepared to happily sit and robustly deny that a normal systematic approach was applicable in this instance, airly exonerates CASA and the operator; then, almost immediately publishes a report like Canely Vale which carries no less than 20 pages all tightly focussed on systematic "operator" issues; it's even more reason to just walk the dog along the beach and sit with the horses for while.

I've now ploughed my way through a few recent ATSB reports and you can, I believe, with practice, identify precisely where the CASA copy and paste appears to have been slid into the report. Only my opinion (of course); but Hempel is a classic, Canley Vale a monstrosity; the changes in syntax, phrasing and 'manipulation' scream out "mushroom food". There are several others, but I expect those bright enough, that can be bothered to do their own research and form their own opinions, have done so.

It depends on your perspective of course; a man swimming around in dark waters, supporting a drowning wife may just have a slightly different take on matters, to a man defending what "shall" and what "shall not" be "normally" done; having due and serious "regard" for advice from above and all that jazz.

The whole thing is disgusting. The beauty of real pony pooh (mushroom nutrient) is it has by comparison, quite a pleasant smell; comes from genuinely honest animals and has not been responsible for covering up more than a few yards of dirt, even then the plants benefit from it.

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