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Dear WhyByFlier

Memory items are not rocket science everyone includingKowalsky knows them. TOGA was power used for takeoff itself so whatís the pointrepeating it. He has asked for solution in a specific situation, that is theacceleration altitude is 400 feet so SRS has changed to CLB. All Airbusdocuments and DVDís assume that the acceleration altitude as 3000 feet (noise abetment).Therein lies the problem. No Airbus document gives a procedure for this. It tellsyou to keep the AP on, it tells you to fly the FD but in SRS. Myfriend PT6A who went out his way to find my pedigree (I am honored really) hasgiven a full page reference from FCOM which is completely irrelevant to thepresent case since it keeps on repeating follow SRS, and if AP is on keep iton, because in our case the SRS has changed to CLB and if you do nothing withAP on the AC pitch will reduce to accelerate and may be fatal. Your aggressive suggestionof flying 17.5 has already been answered by a Pilot albeit in your very ownstyle. Since there is no official procedure we have to guess. My suggestionstops the acceleration, allows you keep the AP on and if doesnít meet therequirement, Airbus golden rule ďtake overĒ go above the FDís, full back stickif required. PT6A can you honestly say you answered the question? Lastly myinterest in PPRuNe is purely professional. Many questions like the present onemake you think out of the box. I don,t flash my experience or background nor Itry to show off if thatís your style good luck to you. In aviation far too manypilots have laughed far too soon and had to eat their hats. So cheer up.

Out of interest Are you a captain yet?
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