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Wow, so end of February you get an update telling you to do the aptitude test within the next 4 months. Thereafter youre on waitlist again for a year or more.

I am thrilled by the amount of official information I get. Not.
All this information is only from mouth propaganda again... Which is a good thing that some people post here, but very bad if you look at the company.

I can totally understand that airlines do testing like that, although the psychological side is day-to-day performance and often depends on the mood of the assessors and the profiles the assessment center is based on.

It is a good method to test wether one will have hard time during training or not.
So especially good for people that are not in aviation yet and didnt fly before.

For those who are already flying successfully since years (lets say even a good pilot) - you test them and the test is telling them: youre not that good with your selective visual memory capacity, or your cognitive-psychomotorics test was slighlty under average, whatever actually.
Does that make the (good) pilot a bad pilot because the test is telling them so?

Like said before, there are a lot of good pilots that failed the testings and a lot of bad pilots that have passed.

But now QR installs a new practice to get rid of the number of applicants without probably ever telling them why.
Similar like many european airlines use that method.
I have passed several selection centers and done all sorts of testing so far and this I can tell:
Most, not all, of these tests are there to reduce the huge amount of applications down to a flimsy reason.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than a good simulator screening + debriefing, as well as a board consisting of several pilots that worked for the company for years.

Theory can be retrained, as well as some flying skills (look at Swiss for instance. They make you "redo"/retest your complete ATPL subjects internally before they send you on the type rating + checkflights + company own MCC. But they provide you software and instructions to do so, its not a selection criteria)
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