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Bfisk; what I meant is no government is yet challenging the companies like RyR, Norwegian etc., with regards to these contracts! It's easy to put pressure on the soft targets, with small resources, the pilots, only when some of the bigger nations puts pressure on companies like Ryanair will this have a real impact!

However unless it will be an unified approach it will not be easy to change this!

Maybe it will take more time, when also other industries start adopting this same approach!

As mentioned by onebyone and wesker, it is less relevant what TOP salary will be, rather an adaptation to a better average salary all the way, an a lower top salary!
End of the day, if correctly constructed it will end up the same, just you get to be able to live a life before you become 50!

Also what is current FO salary for somebody who has been with the company for 5 years or more?

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