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Unless they can manage to downsize management, and streamline efficiency I believe you have to see no way of recovery!

An extreme to show management savings, was Statoil, moving one of their Oslo head offices to one of the Baltic countries, my friend got released from Statoil with a nice final package!

The main point is that very minor savings can be made on flight crew and CC, as without them the company will not work! However major changes has to be done in the way the company is operated on management and admin level, as this is what drains the company of resources, as these levels are not productive enough!

Some have to be let go, some have to work more hours, all for the greater good to make sure the company can survive, in current structure they are dead men walking!

Nobody is brave enough to take the major step that will make it possible to survive!

I have similar and sometimes higher pay as starter FOs will get at SAS, with prospect of doubling my pay within 3 - 4 years!

I do not know who was behind this NEW SAS structure, and found this the right direction to go to try and save the company, and I am assuming pilots union accepted this!

I wonder the existing Cpt's and FO's, what are they on?
How much cuts did they accept in their pre-existing contracts?

And is this just another one of those, let's look after ourselves and our own deals first, and screw the ones coming after us?
Are these the same people screaming the loudest how pilot who join RYR are destroying the industry, and detest RYR for this!

Let's be honest most SAS pilots have been in the top of the food chain, the top earners, who has been given nearly everything for free with massive salary and pension packages!
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